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I have always liked making things, especially things
made from wood. So, when I decided that teaching
wasn't for me after all, an opportunity arose to
change direction completely and become a woodworker.

Wood is a wonderfully versatile material,
appealing to all the senses. It is beautiful
to look at, fragrant, tactile - and it can be made
into practically anything.

This is reflected in my work: there is a wide and
ever increasing variety of products ranging from
jigsaw puzzles to penholders, feelies to mobiles,
Christmas decorations to kitchen shelves, etc.

What all my products have in common are original
design, best materials and the quality of finish
that only handmade things can achieve. For
decoration, personalization and surface finishing
I use pyrography, non-toxic water-based stains,
Danish Oil and wax. This brings out the natural
beauty of the wood.

As wood is a valuable resource I try to use it
responsibly and sustainably. This means using
sustainably managed Scandinavian Pine, locally
grown timber that has been felled for a good reason
and also increasingly recycled timber from all
sorts of sources, such as old beehives, friends'
woodsheds, offcuts from furniture makers, etc.
In this way it is possible to make use of wood now
and save it for the future

Barbara Runkel

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