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All the products on this web site
are made in my workshop at
Northsceugh (pronounced "Noska"!) in Cumbria.

It is important to me that we only
use timber from renewable forests
or obtained locally from dead or
fallen trees and maintained hedgerows. I also use more and more reclaimed timber, often given to me by friends andacquaintances. Working with this is particularly enjoyable as it has a history of its own: there are old beams, broken or damaged furniture, and even disused bee hives. This creates character and individuality when made into feelies or other one-off items

The colourful mobiles and jigsaw
puzzles - they cover an age range
from very young to too difficult for adults -are made from sycamore. The tree itself (not a native species) is often regarded to be little more than a tree weed here in the UK.Therefore I find it in plentiful supply; it is good to work with and one can achieve a smooth finish; it takesthe water-based, non-toxic, bright stains we use on the jigsaws extremely well.

Other timbers we use are ash, beech,
oak and elm. These are used for leaf
jigsaws, the wood used for each
jigsaw coming from the matching tree.
We also make hardwood dolphin
sets and alphabets from
these timbers.



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Barbara Runkel

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